Research infrastructure

Morphological, histochemical, subcellular, and immunocytochemical analysis

transmission electron microscope (TESLA BS 500)

confocal microscope (NIKON ECLIPSE Ti-E (A1R+)

fluorescent microscope (Apotom.2, Zeiss)

inverted microscopes (Eclipse Ti-S, Nikon)


Equipment for sample preparation

ultramicrotome (Leica EM UC7) - preparation of semi- and ultrathin sections of embedded biological samples

cryostats (Leica CM1950) - preparation of semi- and ultrathin sections of deeply freezed biological samples

GentleMACSTM Octo Dissociator (Miltenyl Biotec) – instrument for the semi-automated and standardized tissue dissociation

Scanvac Cool Safe 55-4 (Labogene) -  freeze dryer


Equipment for biochemical and molecular biological analysis

microliter spectrophotometer NanoVue™ Plus Spectrophotometer (GE Healthcare) - for the accurate and reliable quantitiation of nucleic acids and protein samples

thermocycler CFX96 Touch™ Real-Time PCR Detection System (Bio-Rad) – for quantitative amplification  of template in real time

ultracentrifuge Optima™ XPN -100 (Beckman) – for separation of individual elements in sample at ultra high speeds

CentriVap DNA vacuum concentrator (Labconco) – for concentration DNA and RNA samples

Multiphor II electrophoresis system (2-DIGE) (GE Healthcare) – for proteome characterization at variable conditions

equipment for protein and nucleic acid electrophoretics separation

equipment for electrotransfer and Western blot analysis


Equipment for cultivation and study of cells:

cell culture CO2 incubators (ESCO)

laminar flow boxes Biohazard box Bio II Advance (Telstar)

inverted microscopes (Eclipse Ti-S, Nikon)

flow cytometer Guava easyCyte 8HT (Merck Millipore)

Equipment for liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry and fluorescent spectroscopy

Ultimate 3000 RSLC nano (nano HPLC chromatograph) (Bruker)

Bruker’s amaZon SL - Ion Trap mass spectrometer including an integrated bioinformatics platform for proteome analysis (Proteinscape)

modular fluorescence spectrofluorometer FluoroLog®-3 (Horiba)


Equipment for bio-imaging

Typhoon FLA 9500 (GE Healthcare) - variable mode laser scanner

Amersham Imager 600 RGB (GE Healthcare) - sensitive imager for chemiluminescence, UV and white light transillumination, and multifluorescence analysis

Synergy H1 (BioTek) - flexible monochromator-based multi-mode microplate reader for detection and analysis of luminescence and fluorescence


Equipment for the physiological experiments

complete setups for perfusion of isolated hearts of small experimental animals (rat, mouse) according to Langendorff (ADInstruments).

equipment for the „in vivo“ experiments (artificial ventilation, warming pad, ECG recorder, catheters for invasive monitoring of blood pressure) including cardiac surgery (chest opening and „in vivo“ induction of myocardial infarction) (ADInstruments).

Millar pressure-volume catheters - intracardial catheters for measurements of intracardial pressure, volume and their relationship (P-V loops) (Millar, USA)

equipment for measurement of changes of monophasic action potential by means of endo- and epicardial MAP catheters (ADInstruments).

blood gases analyzer ABL80 - FLEX analyzer (Radiometer)

non-invasive blood pressure and heart rate recorder (technique of tail-cuff plethysmography) for small experimental animals (rats) (ADInstruments)

infusion pump for the application of active substances (Alavis)

Multispectral „in vivo“ imaging system FX Pro (Kodak) - system for determination of distribution and localisation of substances “in vivo” in small experimental animals

hypoxic chamber for „in vivo“ studies on small experimental animals (Coy 30 - Coy Lab Products).

electrocardiographic and ultrasound device for small animals VIVID E9 PRO (GE Healthcare) - for measurement of heart structure and function